亚博IM电竞 隐私政策

亚博IM电竞是一所专业的研究生机构,在航空航天领域的卓越和专业知识享誉全球, 国防与安全, 环境与农业食品, 能源及电力, Management, Manufacturing, 运输系统及水务.

To find out more about 亚博IM电竞, its commercial operations and how it will use personal information collected, 请参阅下文. 亚博IM电竞 is committed to the privacy of every individual who interacts with us. To that end, the University has established this 隐私政策. 它解释了亚博IM电竞收集、存储、使用和保护从您那里收集的信息的内容和方式.

如果您不希望在访问亚博IM电竞的网站时收集或共享您的个人信息,本政策还指导您如何做, 和亚博IM电竞一起工作或学习. 通过使用和访问网站, 您同意本政策和个人信息的使用,如本政策所述或其后修订.

这项政策每年审查一次. From time to time, we may update the policy. We encourage you to review it regularly to stay informed.

亚博IM电竞 Group includes a number of subsidiaries:

Cranfield Conference Centre Limited
Cranfield 国防与安全 Services Limited
Cranfield Management Development Ltd
Cranfield Airport Operations Limited
MK:U Ltd

Contacting 亚博IM电竞 about our 隐私政策

We welcome comments and suggestions regarding the 亚博IM电竞 隐私政策. 请把这些寄到 GDPR@Cranfield.ac.uk.

If you believe your personal information has been misused, or handled in such a manner contrary to the policy stated above, 详情请电邮至 GDPR@Cranfield.ac.uk.

当您使用亚博IM电竞网站时,亚博IM电竞是数据控制者. Our 资料保障主任 can be contacted on GDPR@Cranfield.ac.uk 或寄往以下地址:

College Road
MK43 0AL


本隐私政策包括亚博IM电竞如何处理您的数据的一般信息, more specific information is available depending upon your relationship with Cranfield, 请参阅下面的链接.


This notice explains how HR will collect and use, the personal data of our employees to manage the employment relationship.  该通知也适用于那些与大学有临时或持续关系的人. 下载员工私隐通知


In order to carry out its duties as a University, Cranfield must collect and process personal and sensitive data relating to its students. Download the Student Privacy Notice


隐私声明是对大学隐私政策的补充,特别适用于校友的信息, supporters and friends of 亚博IM电竞下载完整的校友关系 & 发展私隐通告


亚博IM电竞的求职隐私政策通知解释了亚博IM电竞将如何收集和使用与亚博IM电竞的求职者有关的个人数据. Download the 求职者隐私通知

What personal data may 亚博IM电竞 collect

We process information about many different types of data subjects, 包括员工, contractors, students, 客户和公众. 亚博IM电竞记录有关亚博IM电竞处理信息的数据主体类型的进一步详细信息,并应要求提供这些信息.

对于这些数据主体, we process a wide variety of categories - depending upon the purpose for the processing.

Information you voluntarily provide to us, 比如你的名字, user name, address, phone number, email address and other contact information.

When you enter into a contract to study or work with us, 亚博IM电竞可能会收集资金, profile and preference information that you provide.

亚博IM电竞 is a centre of transformational research in technology and management, and a wide range of personal data may be collected and processed for research purposes. 这包括对人类行为和人为因素的研究,生物特征数据通过面部识别摄像头和其他传感器收集(特别是亚博IM电竞对数字航空技术的研究). Facial recognition data is not used for employee performance monitoring.


The University does not hold or process electronic card payments; where an electronic card payment is to be made, 客户被重定向到外部网络支付服务,在那里收集个人数据,这些数据受其隐私政策和通知的约束.

We may also collect information including, 但不限于, 元数据,包括地理位置, browser type, pages visited, device type and time and date of visit. We may use cookies or similar technology to collect such information. 通过cookie或类似技术收集的信息可能用于亚博IM电竞的商业目的,如分析, research, digital advertising and operation purposes. 您可以设置浏览器在发送cookie时通知您或完全拒绝cookie,但如果没有cookie,本网站的某些功能可能无法正常工作. 了解更多关于 在亚博IM电竞网站上使用cookies.


  • 访问和控制列表
  • 住宿记录
  • 考勤记录
  • complaints, incidents and accidents
  • 法庭、审裁处及查询
  • education, performance, training and achievement or award records
  • grievance, disciplinary and appeals records
  • 健康记录
  • 持有的牌照及许可证
  • information from publicly available sources
  • 生活方式和社会环境
  • provision of university services including library, IT & 会议室及会议设施
  • recruitment, education and employment records
  • relatives, guardians and associates
  • associations and professional body memberships
  • 调查结果
  • vehicle details including vehicle registration and driver/ownership
  • 审核检查
  • visual images, personal appearance and behaviour

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Why does 亚博IM电竞 process your data?

In summary, we process personal information to enable us to:

  • provide education and support services to our students, professional learners and alumni
  • support and manage our employees; internal support functions; corporate administration and other business-related functions of the University
  • 维护亚博IM电竞的帐户和记录
  • provide commercial activities to our clients
  • 进行研究
  • advertise and promote the University and the services we offer
  • publish University and alumni publications
  • 进行募捐
  • carry out knowledge exchange activities.
  • Monitor examinations and tests either on-line or face to face

在收集你的个人资料时, 亚博IM电竞的目的是向您明确哪些数据是与特定服务相关的必要数据.


亚博IM电竞已确定处理个人资料的适当合法依据,以及处理特殊类别或刑事罪行资料的附表1条件. Information on these is given in the sections below

Legal bases



For example, 如果你和亚博IM电竞一起学习, 亚博IM电竞将处理履行合同所需的信息,以按照约定的条款提供教育课程.



If the law requires us to, we may need to collect and process your data. For example, to fulfil our legal obligations in relation to tax.


Occasionally processing may be necessary in order to protect your vital interests. For example, should you decide to 和亚博IM电竞一起工作或学习, in the case of a medical emergency we will share your data with the emergency services.

Public task

作为一所大学, we are required to process information to carry out our duties as a public authority. For example, 亚博IM电竞可能需要与高等教育统计局(HESA)和学生办公室(OfS)分享您的详细信息。.


在特定情况下, 亚博IM电竞需要您的数据以一种合理的方式来追求亚博IM电竞的合法利益,这种方式可能是亚博IM电竞业务运营的一部分,并且不会对您的权利产生实质性影响, 自由或兴趣. For example, we may use your address details to send you direct marketing information by post, telling you about products and services that we think might interest you.



在特定情况下, we can collect and process your data with your consent. For example, when you tick a box to receive email newsletters.

We may use your personal information for marketing or research purposes. For instance, this could allow us to personalise information and increase its relevancy if we contact you, or to invite you to help us develop new products through your feedback. If you would prefer us not to contact you using the personal details you have supplied, 请联系 GDPR@dip-smd.com.

Legal bases for special category and criminal offence data

除了处理您的个人数据外,亚博IM电竞还处理特殊类别数据和与刑事犯罪有关的数据.  这可能包括. 

  • 2010年《亚博IM电竞》和其他相关立法中列出的受保护特征
  • 职业健康记录
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) records
  • 刑事定罪
  • 生物特征数据通过面部识别摄像头和其他传感器收集,用于研究和安全目的. 

Conditions for processing special category and criminal offence data

亚博IM电竞只会在处理符合处理该等数据的一个或多个条件的情况下处理与您有关的该等数据, as set out in Data Protection legislation.  For example: 

  • we have a number of employment law duties and obligations, which require us to process special category and criminal conviction data, including those relating to ensuring the fair treatment of employees, and maintaining a safe and secure working environment.
  • 在必要时, 特殊类别的数据将被用于预防或职业医学, including in order to assess the working capacity of an employee. 
  • Certain processing may also be necessary including processing to enable the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims, or for research and statistical purposes. 
  • 亚博IM电竞还要求您在申请职位时并通过平等监测活动申报多样性数据(受保护特征). Provision of this data, which is processed by us for statistical purposes, is optional.

A complete list of processing conditions we use is given below, 欲了解更多详情,请参阅隐私政策,其中还包括员工和学生隐私通知的链接, or email GDPR@dip-smd.com .

  • 明确的同意
  • Employment, social security and social protection law
  • 切身利益
  • 非营利性机构
  • 由数据主体公开
  • 法律请求和司法行为
  • 公共利益
  • 保健和社会护理
  • 档案、研究和统计


Who do we share your personal data with?


未经您的同意,大学不会出售、许可或交易您的个人信息. 亚博IM电竞不会与他人分享您的个人信息,除非他们是根据亚博IM电竞的指示行事或法律要求亚博IM电竞这样做(例如, to government bodies and law enforcement agencies, 检查身体, regulatory and investigatory authorities). 作为一所大学, 亚博IM电竞有向高等教育基金和监管机构及其指定机构(包括HESA)报告数据的法定要求, Jisc和毕业生成果.

We also sometimes share your personal data with trusted third parties. 在与第三方共享您的数据时,亚博IM电竞要求这些机构保证您的数据安全并保护您的隐私.  That is;

  • We provide only the information they need to perform their specific services
  • They may only use your data for the exact purposes we specify in our contract with them
  • 亚博IM电竞与他们密切合作,确保您的隐私在任何时候都受到尊重和保护
  • 如果亚博IM电竞停止使用他们的服务, any of your data held by them will either be deleted or rendered anonymous.

Examples of the kind of third parties we work with are:

  • Suppliers, service and support providers e.g. IT companies who support our website and other business systems
  • 专业及法律顾问
  • 谷歌/Facebook向你展示你在浏览互联网时可能感兴趣的产品. This is based on either your marketing consent or your acceptance of cookies on our websites. See our 饼干通知 for details.
  • Data insight companies to ensure your details are up-to-date and accurate
  • UKRI and other research councils and funding agents including Wellcome Trust, Royal Academy and other learned societies
  • End point assessment organisations for apprenticeship purposes
  • 排名和认证机构
  • Our partners in research and teaching activities.

We also share information with other parties at the specific request of, or consent by, 数据主体.

有关共享您的数据的完整信息,请参阅本文档前面的详细隐私通知链接,  或发送电子邮件GDPR@dip-smd.com

How long will we keep your personal data?

亚博IM电竞 has reviewed our records and procedures regarding the retention of data.  大部分情况下, 数据的标准保存期为7年,符合法定时效.

There will be some exceptions to this, and data may be kept for a shorter or longer period than seven years.

For example, employment applicant data will be kept for less time, 而学生的姓名和资格类别将在大学终身保留. 一些进一步的数据将保留七年以上,如果有法律义务这样做(例如.g. 养老信息).



Your rights

Under UK data protection law, you have rights including:
  • The right of access - you have the right to request the personal data we hold about you, 大多数情况下是免费的.
  • The right to be forgotten - you have the right to request that we delete your data.
  • 数据可携性的权利-您有权要求亚博IM电竞以常用的机器可读格式提供您的数据副本,以便您将数据传输给另一个服务提供商.
  • 知情权-您有权了解亚博IM电竞如何处理您的数据.
  • 纠正的权利-当你的个人资料不正确时,你有权要求改正, 过时的:过时或不完整的.
  • The right to restrict processing - you can request that your data is not used for processing. Your record can remain in place, but not be used.
  • 反对的权利-您有权停止处理您的数据用于直接营销.
  • 亚博IM电竞为访问亚博IM电竞网站的访问者提供订阅(选择加入)一些电子通信的机会. 您可以随时告诉亚博IM电竞您不再希望订阅亚博IM电竞的电子通讯服务(选择退出). 您从亚博IM电竞收到的所有电子通讯都将提供关于如何取消订阅各项服务的明确说明.
  • 您也有权反对处理您的数据,如果您认为已经通过完全自动化的方式做出了关于您的决定, 什么对你产生了负面影响.
  • The right to be notified - you have the right to be notified, 没有不必要的延误, 如果发生了数据泄露,可能会对您的权利和自由造成高风险.  .
  • 投诉的权利-大学致力于确保任何问题都能得到迅速和公平的处理, and with due concern for the individuals involved. However, the University recognises that individuals may continue to be dissatisfied. 如果您希望投诉大学对您的个人数据的处理,您有权向数据保护主任投诉,他将提名一名大学高级官员, who has not been involved in the original enquiry, 处理你的投诉.

    MK43 0AL
    e: gdpr@dip-smd.com
    t: +44 (0) 1234 754536

    您有权随时就亚博IM电竞对您的个人数据的管理向监管机构提出投诉, in the UK this is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). ICO希望您先向亚博IM电竞投诉,并在联系他们之前给亚博IM电竞一个解决问题的机会. The ICO contact details are given below.

    Water Lane,
    SK9 5AF.

    Web page http://ico.org.uk/make-a-complaint/data-protection-complaints/
    ICO helpline on +44 (0) 303 123 1113.  
Please note that the rights described above do not apply in every circumstance. If you require further clarification, 请联系 GDPR@dip-smd.com .

For information on handling FOI requests see this link. 信息自由(克兰菲尔德.ac.uk)


Where your personal data may be processed

您的个人身份信息通常会在亚博IM电竞位于英国的数据库中进行处理, but some data may be processed elsewhere through specific contractual agreements. 亚博IM电竞致力于保护您提供给亚博IM电竞的数据的安全,并将采取合理的预防措施来保护您的个人身份信息不丢失, 误用或篡改.


亚博IM电竞在安全技术和安全管理流程方面进行了大量投资. 这些技术的部署是为了保证您向亚博IM电竞提供的信息的最大安全.  For further details see the Information Security policy Policies, regulations, and information compliance (dip-smd.com)


这些链接是出于礼貌而提供的,使用与否由个人用户自行决定. If users decide to follow these links, 亚博IM电竞不对这些网站的隐私政策和内容负责. 用户如有任何问题,请与特定网站的协调员联系.


请注意,任何经由本网站提供的资料均可能储存于本公司的电脑系统内,以供提供资料之用, 营销和分析. 根据亚博IM电竞在ICO的注册,亚博IM电竞也可以与其他第三方共享这些信息.

你可浏览亚博IM电竞的 数据保护政策 欲了解更多信息.


For details of Cranfield subsidiary organisations registration 请联系 GDPR@dip-smd.com


Users can choose to electronically forward a variety of articles, abstracts, research papers and course details to someone else. Users must provide their email address as well as that of the recipient. 该信息仅在传输错误的情况下使用,并让收件人知道是谁发送了电子邮件. The information is not used for any other purpose.


亚博IM电竞是一所研究生院校,因此只会在非常特定的情况下处理儿童的个人数据. For example, events supporting science-based projects in schools, attendees at the on-site pre-school and ‘Bring Your Child to Work Day’.

Where there is a need to collect information from a person under 16, 那么大学将需要得到家长或监护人的同意才能处理任何数据. 在这种情况下, 这个人的电子邮件或邮政地址将被需要,以便亚博IM电竞可以写信给他们来收集这些信息.


This version is dated August 2022, next review date July 2023.