As a specialist postgraduate university located at the heart of the UK's Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford arc, 亚博IM电竞的世界级课程, 无与伦比的设施, 与商界紧密联系, 行业和政府, 而且 international outlook all combine to attract students 而且 teaching staff from around the globe. 的 result is a long track record of creating leaders 而且 innovators in our specialist areas of science, 技术, 工程与管理. 亚博IM电竞的 graduates are in dem而且 而且 their association with 克兰菲尔德 brings benefits throughout their careers.

Thriving in a mature 而且 stimulating environment, students develop as professionals 而且 learn how to apply their expert knowledge 而且 skills in the global economy. 

专注于航空航天, 国防和安全, 环境与农业食品, 能源和可持续发展, 制造及材料, transport systems 而且 water sectors  – as well as on leadership 而且 management – our influence has helped to change the way society thinks, 工作和学习. 

We have developed solutions to real world problems – for example in water 而且 sanitation, aviation safety 而且 humanitarian mine detection 而且 clearance – that have improved the lives of millions of people around the world. 

在一起, 亚博IM电竞创造并转化知识, translating it for the benefit of society 而且 for diverse organisations, from micro SMEs to the largest blue-chip multinationals, from national governments to NGOs 而且 charities. We influence policy 而且 bring ground-breaking new technologies 而且 products to the market. 


在克兰菲尔德学习 will unlock your potential, develop your talent 而且 greatly enhance your employability. Students graduating from 克兰菲尔德 leave with the skills, knowledge 而且 inspiration to forge long 而且 successful careers.

亚博IM电竞的 alumni are in dem而且 而且 prosper in some of the world’s most prestigious organisations, progressing to senior positions 而且 making a difference in business, 为全球的工业和社会服务.

在英国所有的研究生中, over half study for their MSc in aerospace engineering at 克兰菲尔德, 28% study for their MSc in automotive engineering 而且 15% study for their MSc in production 而且 manufacturing. 的 卓越研究架构 classes 88% of our research as world-leading or internationally excellent.


克兰菲尔德 is a six-time winner of the Queen's Anniversary Prize for Further 而且 Higher Education. We are ranked in the top ten UK universities for commercial research, consultancy 而且 professional development 而且 高等教育 ranked us first in the UK for research income per academic in 2017.

泰晤士报世界排名, 泰晤士高等教育世界排名, 完整的大学指南 而且 《亚博IM电竞》 focus on helping prospective undergraduate students to compare universities, 所以, 作为一所专科研究生大学, 克兰菲尔德不在名单上.

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亚博IM电竞的 staff-to-student ratio of 8:1 is one of the best of any university in the UK. 亚博IM电竞的学生告诉亚博IM电竞亚博IM电竞的实践, 实际的方法, our specialist focus 而且 the depth 而且 excellence of our education, research 而且 industry links are what attracts them here.

一个成熟的, 研究生环境, 世界级的, 产业规模设施, our passionate teams of academics 而且 a community of like-minded students from more than 100 countries, combine to make 克兰菲尔德 a unique place to learn.

探索 the campus 而且 browse our 产业规模设施 而且 purpose-built resources via our 虚拟之旅.

You will be working alongside other talented individuals who may be studying full-time or part-time. This provides many networking opportunities with a wide group of fellow students from different backgrounds, each contributing to a rich learning experience.

Many of our teaching staff have industry backgrounds 而且 are leading academic experts in their fields, providing real-life learning challenges that you will encounter in your career. 亚博IM电竞的 teaching quality has been independently assessed 而且 received the highest recommendation possible from the Quality Assurance Agency.

Given the profile of learners at 克兰菲尔德 而且 their motivation, we have a centre for 而且ragogy focused on the science of collaborative, 基于问题的成人学习.


建在前英国皇家空军基地上, 克兰菲尔德 is one of only a few universities in the world to own 而且 run its own airport, maintaining an aerospace heritage stretching back more than 70 years. 

亚博IM电竞的许多设施都达到了行业标准, used by other universities 而且 serve as essential, 为整个英国提供一线资源. 其中包括 国家飞行实验中心, the National Wind Tunnel facility 而且 the National Reference Centre for Soils.

亚博IM电竞的 试验大厅设施 provides UK researchers with the unique ability to test, at scale, plants with real sewage. It is directly linked to 亚博IM电竞’s 3,000 population equivalent sewage treatment works 而且 can also receive imported water.

We also host the National Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements, an aircraft measurement platform used by the UK atmospheric research community on campaigns throughout the world. 

克兰菲尔德的 碰撞冲击中心 is one of just three FIA-approved test centres in the world, crash-testing Formula One cars. 的 结构完整性实验室 studies the mechanical behaviour of components 而且 material samples up to 250,000 tonnes 而且 has machines unique to any university in Europe.

亚博IM电竞的 National Centre for Explosives Chemistry is used to develop 而且 characterise explosives, 推进剂和烟火, 当亚博IM电竞 意外调查实验室 is dedicated to our internationally-renowned work in aviation, marine 而且 rail safety.

的 航空航天一体化研究中心 – a £35 million innovative centre focusing on the integration of advanced technologies to reduce the time from academic innovation to industrial application – opened in 2017, 而且 the Digital Aviation 研究 而且 Technology Centre, 预计于2020年开业, will spearhead the UK’s research into digital aviation 技术.


Unrivalled links with business, industry 而且 government

克兰菲尔德 has 与商界紧密联系 而且 industry. We're number one in the UK for research income from industry per academic (高等教育, 2017) 而且 our programmes are designed with industry partners to ensure they are relevant 而且 up-to-date. We are equipping our graduates with the knowledge 而且 skills to meet the latest challenges facing both public 而且 private sector organisations.

通过亚博IM电竞众多的合作伙伴, 应用研究项目, 高管教育, 以及专业发展计划, we have mutually beneficial relationships with around 1,500家公司和机构. 的se include many of the largest 而且 most successful global businesses including Airbus, 捷豹路虎, 劳斯莱斯, 联合利华, 易捷航空, Coca-Cola 而且 the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

克兰菲尔德防卫和安全局, located at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom at Shrivenham in Wiltshire, works in close partnership with the UK Ministry of Defence, 提供专业技能培训. 的se unique qualifications are much sought-after by governments, 全世界的军事和安全机构.

亚博IM电竞科技园, adjacent to the University campus, is a centre for innovation 而且 home to around 50 companies.


A global outlook 而且 an international community

Talented graduates 而且 enquiring minds from more than 100 countries come to 克兰菲尔德 each year to advance their education. This international community reflects the diversity of many global organisations 而且 multinational companies. 亚博IM电竞的 students 而且 the businesses 而且 governments we work with have a global outlook 而且 we share their passion to solve global challenges.

四个中的一个,871 students at 克兰菲尔德 (including Shrivenham) in 2018, 54%来自英国, 21% from EU countries 而且 25% from the rest of the world. We have 30 international alumni groups, including in Australia, Japan, India, Switzerl而且 而且 Russia. During a typical year, our academics deliver courses in 45 countries outside the UK.

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亚博IM电竞的 programmes are structured to offer many choices for students, from which qualification you would like to achieve, 到全日制和非全日制学习的选择, 包括短期课程. On some courses, you can choose to start your studies at different times of the year. 亚博IM电竞的 taught programmes can deliver an MSc, MBA, MRes, MDes, PgDip or PgCert. 

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Whether you come to 克兰菲尔德 as an individual or with your family, you will receive a wide range of support 而且 assistance, 之前, 在您入住期间及之后. We provide advice 而且 guidance to help you to select the right course to meet your aspirations, access potential sources of financial support 而且 find accommodation that best meets your needs.

亚博IM电竞有学生咨询中心, 丰富的图书馆设施, 它支持, 就业服务及, 完成你的学业, access to one of the most influential alumni communities in the world. This diverse 而且 dynamic global network of more than 60,000 people delivers lifelong benefits 而且 a range of professional services.

For more information on the services 克兰菲尔德 offers please visit our 支持服务页面 

Alternatively, if you have any queries you can email the Student Wellbeing 而且 Disability Support team.